Physical Education

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Physical Education Classes

The Stanford Red Barn offers multiple PE classes for students through Axess starting with classes for those with no riding experience. For more information please contact Tina Davey, by e-mail. To sign-up for a class, please go to Axess.


Physical Education 65

No experience needed. This class is great for riders with less than 10 hours of riding experience or those who have taken a long break from riding and are hoping to refresh their skills. This class will go over the basics of horse care including leading, grooming, tacking-up and working with a horse. Riding topics include work at the walk, steering, small obstacles and potential for trotting.

Class fee: $500


Physical Education 66

This class is open to riders who have completed PE 65 with a passing grade or those who are comfortable at the walk, trot, and grooming and tacking up a horse independently. Those who have not completed PE 65 will need instructor approval to apply. This course will review the basics of horsemanship and provides the necessary foundation for riding. Topics that will be covered include: horsemanship and horse care; work at the walk, trot and the foundations of jumping.

Class fee: $500


Physical Education 67

Basic veterinary skills and barn management. Riding at all gaits and completing horsemanship patterns (Western) or jumping basic courses (English) or a continued progression of the riders current level of riding. To apply for the class students must have successfully completed PE 65 and PE 66 or are able to ride at a comparable level. All riders must be comfortable grooming and tacking up their own horse and be approved by the instructor to apply.

Class fee: $500

PE 67 is only offered in the Spring